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Royal Waist Snatch

Royal Waist Snatch

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No, that (high) waist is not photoshopped, It's really that high! Ladies, may we introduce you, to our royal blue Waist Snatch(er).

These are our first full waist covering leggings and we can tell you right now.. the level of comfort is on whole different level! Just imagine wearing a legging that goes all the way to you bra.

The waist is not the only thing unique on these leggings, its design is one of a kind. Why should plus size gym-wear be boring? A little see-through here and there won't hurt right? Have you seen the meshy parts on the ankles and hips? And how about the pocket on the back? And on top of that, it has 2x layers of fabric on the butt-locks, so it's 100% squat proof! We.Love.It!!


**True to size 

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